Movie Reviews

Movie Drought – Popcorn Ban Imminent

School hoilday season, great for clearing traffic off the roads, but terrible for movies.

I haven’t posted any reviews lately, because to be frank there is crap all worth my ticket that I haven’t already seen. I was tempted by Pelham 123, because I do love the works of both Scott brothers and Travolta doing crazy is always fun, but it didn’t offer enough to get my bum on a seat. Denzel Washington is an accomplished lead, however he does tend to fall into that cookie cutter roll out another performance disease that afflicts most of hollywood. As Michael Caine once said, ‘Why remake the good movies, it’s the bad ones that need fixing’ or something to that effect.

Aliens in the Attic? Nah.

Shorts? Nah.

G-Force? Nah.

Fame? Oh, dear God – NO!

Hoping that there is something worth a watch between now and Sherlock Holmes. Even a New Zealand dvd release of The Watchmen would be nice…