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Ghost of Tsushima PC (reviewed on Steam Deck)

Ghost of Tsushima was my favourite game of 2020 so you can imagine my delight when the esteemed editor-in-chief of this site asked if I’d be willing to review the PC version, that has been ported by fabled dutch master Nixxes.

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” I chirped, given I’d already completed the game on PlayStation 4 and then played it on PlayStation 5: I jumped at the chance to play it on PC.

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Horizon Forbidden West PC

Ever since I bought a Valve Steam Deck last year (an original LED model, not the newer OLED one), I have tried to do much of my PC gaming these days on it.

An interesting game I like to play with my Steam library is “Will my Steam Deck play that?”

So when my editor asked if I was keen to review Guerilla’s PlayStation 5 game Horizon Forbidden West, which has been ported to the PC, I immediately asked … “Will my Steam Deck play that? – and it can but with a few caveats.

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Pepper Grinder (PC review)

Gamers looking for a sedate game that they can just tootle about should steer clear of Pepper Grinder: It is a game that definitely couldn’t be described as sedate…

Pepper Grinder is a non-stop, frenetic 2D platformer/puzzler/explorer where you control Pepper, a young girl who washes up on a sandy beach after a shipwreck, finding her grinder (powerful drilling device) is missing and so is her treasure!

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