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Endzone – A World Apart Byte Size Review (PC)

The year is, well, this year, 2021. And some nut jobs have finally gone too far and blown up nuclear power plants around the world. Some are lucky enough to seek shelter in an “Endzone” underground bunker, and now their offspring are returning to the surface, 150 years later. All sounds pretty familiar really.

Endzone – A World Apart is a city builder, a post-apocalyptic SimCity if you like. Very much like the enjoyable Frostpunk you are tasked with collecting resources, building a community and surviving the harsh environment that is now home.

That’s Rad!

As you would expect after the destruction of nuclear facilities radiation plays a large part in what you can and can’t do. This is really what makes Endzone a bit different. Radiation is in everything and along with and along with other headaches from Mother Nature you really have your work cut out. Otherwise you are still in a familiar routine of collecting wood, scrap, and food to building housing and facilities to further your community. Fans of the genre will be straight into it. If you are new to this game style, be ready to be overwhelmed. Endzone isn’t overly complex but with the way the city building genre has grown over the years there are just so many layers.

The Grass Is Always Greener…

Visually Endzone – A World Apart is nice. 150 years has really greened things up. When both zoomed in to check out the locals and zoomed out for the overall community view there is great level of detail. Although if you don’t plan a decent lay out for your thriving metropolis you can lose sight of some things so remember to plan ahead. Games in this genre are never going to push the graphical limits but it is nice to see how well they are being visualised.

Life After Chernobyl.

Endzone – A World Apart, like most games of its ilk requires a lot of time. Organisation and structure will also definitely pay off. Your initial township will seem simple and straight forward but as it grows leaving space for associated amenities is vital. Otherwise your workers will be spending a lot of time moving between sites and production won’t be efficient. Although if you are really getting involved with Endzone then the lack of time probably isn’t high on you list of concerns.

Closing Comments.

I grew up playing, and loving, games like Endzone – A World Apart. And I still love this style of game. Unfortunately having enough time to really commit and enjoy Endzone is a real struggle now. Life is just too busy. I am so looking forward to retirement. At which time my pile of shame will be on the extreme side. But at least I will have time to get stuck in to gaming. Hopefully I will find time to fully enjoy Endzone – A World Apart well before retirement. It is definitely a game I want to spend a lot more time with.