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Everspace 2 Review (PS5)

No the title isn’t a typo. Tusock is now on PS5. And loving all the PlayStation exclusives I have never played. Anywho, Everspace 2 is the reason we are here. Originally released on PC early this year, you can see Gerard’s thoughts here.

Developer Rockfish Games CEO Michael Schade has publicly stated that the PS5 version is a better game thanks to Xbox Game Pass. In a way I hadn’t thought about it appears developers receive funding for Game Pass titles so multi platform titles benefit across the board.

“We have a really good deal with Game Pass,” Schade said. “It gets us more visibility, it gets us extra funding,” Schade continued. “You just make a better game and everybody’s happy. Even the PlayStation fans on PS5 are getting a better game because of Game Pass.”

So, umm, thanks Game Pass?!?

Is Space Forever?

Following on shortly after the events of the first Everspace, Everspace 2 is a single player shooter with a heap of loot and RPG elements. You can knock off the story in around 20 to 30 hours but will need up to 100 hours to fully explore all areas and complete side quests. And if, like me, you get invested in the customisation of you ship then you can add a unlimited amount of time to this.

There is a fairly diverse range of options for you ship. From the obvious guns and counter measures through to decals and engine burn colour. And then you can also purchase different ships and start your customisation again…

Thankfully the rogue–like elements of Everspace are gone. This time around we have, in the words of Rockfish, a hack & slash Action RPG in space.

Even Clones Need Friends…

Filling the boots of Adam Roslin, a clone pilot, you are tasked with aiding your injured friend. This leads to running all sorts of errands, on both sides of the law. And along the way you will assemble a group of allies that assist and improve your base of operations. This adds greatly to the RPG-ness of Everspace 2. The variety of missions isn’t huge and can get a bit repetitive but the beautifully designed areas take the edge off the repetition.

My first planet side mission was an especially awesome moment visually. I went into Everspace 2 expecting to be in space all the time. A nice surprise.

Space – The Colour Palette.

Like Gerard mentioned in his PC review, there are plenty of bold colours in the darkness of space. The visuals on the PS5 are very nice, with some great lighting effects to enhance your time in space. Controls are intuitive but suffer the old console story, would be better with keyboard and mouse. Could be pretty cool with a flight stick as well.

I have to admit to be playing on the easiest difficulty level so didn’t have any concerns with the controls but can see on higher settings the accuracy might not be there.

Apparently in space nobody can hear you scream. This stands true for the sound of Everspace 2. As I sit hear typing not a single thing comes to mind about the sound. Good or bad. So lets just accept that the sound is fine.

Closing Comments.

Everspace 2 is a complete and competent little space shooter. It isn’t going to take on Mass Effect, No Mans Sky, or Starfield and nor should it. This world needs titles like Everspace 2 for Rockfish Games. This is the kind of game anyone can pick up and play. Avoiding the confusion and inherent frustrations that come with many of the big triple A titles is what some people want. Especially those new to games.

Everspace 2 is a gateway game. Something to get you hooked before moving to those more hardcore games.