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Real Steel (Kinect…?) coming to XBLA – Updated 12/10/11

Update: 12/10/11:

No Real Steel in the NZ/AUS Marketplace – yet another fine example of customers being ignored and avoided, nobody is coming forward to advise why, again. No wonder the information was so hard to come by. I also might have to apologise as there does not appear to be any Kinect, which I still believe is a massively wasted opportunity.

Original post after the break:

On Sunday night I watched Real Steel, you may have read the review I posted and will understand that I enjoyed every minute of the adrenaline fuelled popcorn laden two hours. The formula is simple take a good dose of Rocky mix it up with some Transformers and maybe as dash of Gladiator (boxing movie – not a Russell Crowe movie) and you get a good helping of crowd pleaser.

As I sat enjoying the thrilling finale, watching Hugh Jackman shadow boxing his remote controlled robot through the fight, one exciting prospect crossed my mind. This had to be a game and it really had to be a Kinect game, whether it was good was yet to be seen, but Hell what a fantastic opportunity

Taking my inspiration to Twitter I posted feverishly about the potential for a Real Steel Kinect game and my wonder at it’s absence. Today xbox live’s Major ‘Larry’ Nelson has posted a comment that this week’s XBLA releases will include a Real Steel game. All details are currently dark, but I can only positively summise that my instict proved itself and the game will be Kinect enabled.

Yesterday I was entertainment for people that didn’t get it. [ You know who you are 😉 ]

Today I feel I am vindicated, bring on the World Robot Boxing League – “I’m ready to make some money!”


4 thoughts on “Real Steel (Kinect…?) coming to XBLA – Updated 12/10/11

  • Why there is no kinect game for REEL STEEL!!!!!!!!!!! Such a complete waste of opportunity

  • Exactly – but of course there will always be “Dance Party Revolution Twist It 2012”. Still think it is a shame, and I will approach the devs if I can.

  • Yup, not kinect at all. Talk about a huge fail.

  • Another friend on Twitter said that it isn’t Kinect enabled and that it’s a complete waste of an opportunity. Totally saw that coming as publishers rarely make the right decisions. I, however, didn’t see yet ANOTHER XBLA game miss NZ. The more we let these releases slide by the sooner it’ll happen to a big title.

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