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Star Command coming ‘soon-ish’ to iPhone / iPad

Take a dash of X-Com, a liberal sprinkling of Galaxy Quest, a cup of Kairosoft management and a healthy spoon of Star Trek, you might just end up with Star Command, which is shaping up to be one of the app store delights of the year.

I’ve known of the game being in existence for a while and regularly pop back to the website in case there is more news, which most recently was the developers posting some new screens before Christmas and recently assure that even after a slight push back the game will be available ‘soon-ish’.

Putting you in charge of an Enterprise style starship you can research, invent and build the ship in your image. Meet new races, recruit crew, hold off ship invasions and generally have a good time. Future DLC has been confirmed to add planetary missions, I assume ‘Kirk style’ snogging is optional.

More news as it comes, but I am excited.

Be sure to follow the game on Twitter for the latest. @StarCommandGame

Also worth a nod is the awesome t-shirt that was handed out to brave investors via the Kickstart website, Kickstart being a platform where projects can woo investors and hopefully give them better opportunities.

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