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Byte Size – Objects in Space Review (PC)

Objects in Space from the self proclaimed smallest of the small game developers, Flat Earth Games, is so strangely familiar to me and any gamers who played through the 1990’s will no doubt feel pangs of good old retro revival. This is all thanks to the aesthetics and styling found in Objects in Space, although the younger generations may screw their noses up at the basic art style.

Reminiscent of the old school submarine simulators, Objects in Space has you moving between space stations and planets by solely using the displays in your space ship. No actual piloting needed. It means you have a very slow and methodical game here. It is like Elite, Silent Hunter, and Master of Orion had a baby…

The Good – Upgrades to not only your ship but also pretty much every subsystem, along with trading, bounties, exploration, and combat makes for a really full on experience. And because of the gameplay, I found Objects in Space to be quite relaxing to play, void of the requirements for lightening quick reflexes and reliance on other people. And lets not forget Flat Earth Games is a local developer based in Sydney.

The Bad – For me the biggest hurdle was the font used for communications. When dealing with traders and the likes I found myself having to give my eyes a rest after each paragraph or so. Granted my 40+ year old eyes aren’t what they use to be but given all information is via text, not speech, it does start to become a bit tiresome. Also due to the depth and style of Objects in Space, it will just simply not be some peoples cup of tea.

The Overwhelming – As mentioned, there is a fair amount to take on in Objects in Space, you can just stay in safe systems and trade your way to riches or head out to the new worlds, a much more dangerous affair. And when you do engage in combat you can out-gun, out-run, or even go silent to try and avoid your aggressors. Then you have upgrades, trade prices, navigation, repairs, the list is endless in the life of a solo space captain. Take this as either a good or a bad steer, your choice…

Closing Comments.

As we say down here in New Zealand, and Australia, bit of a Marmite game this one. You will either love it or hate it. My problem, having enough time to sink into it. On the up side you will be supporting a small local development team with your purchase either way.