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Quantum 360X, wireless for xbox

The Quantum 360X is a welcome addition to the range we looked at in December with the Quantum 100X. Bringing JBL quality sound and wireless connectivity to the market in a more accessible package. While it also comes in a Playstation themed (white and blue) Quantum 360P, it differs purely on an aesthetic basis. Where the 100X was a wired and wonderful entry level unit, the 360X brings wireless, surround sound and dual source input.

We don’t need the specs.

We’re never overly concerned about tech specs here, the Quantum 360X is no different. While the box talks about lossless 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.2, we can say its sounds great. The headset will never be as comfortable as the top end units we love like the 910s, nor will it achieve the depth of game changing sound. But at this price, for what is probably the younger market they do the job admirably. Whether its on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC/Mac and bluetooth through mobile.

The unit comes loaded with JBL signature Quantum 3d surround sound, a 2 metre long cable to play and charge and a detachable boom microphone. On the ear cups all the JBL standard controls are present, chat and game sliders, volume, mute and dual source switching for bluetooth. The bluetooth dual source I know from a teenager is one of the highlights, being able to chat on Discord via mobile, while playing on the console seems to be the cool kids way these days.

Performance of the Quantum 360X

For a modest set, albeit without the standard flashing LED lightshows that JBL are fond of the performance is impressive. A single charge will get over 20 hours of use on wireless or bluetooth. It’s also quick to charge, reportedly 5 minutes on charge will give an hour of use. That remains to be tested, but it’s good to know.Its worth noting the USB dongle is also a modest size, not one of the overlong versions we’ve seen recently. One request I’ll always ask of the designers – can we have a dongle slot in the headset? Somewhere to keep them when not in use and not getting lost under the TV or mixed up with all the other dongles.

The headset is light in weight, with that comes a feel of lighter quality compared to the more expensive members of the family, but they do the job well. Everything feels solidly built, the quality of the sound is clear and responsive. The lightness of the headset makes them wearable for long periods, the ear cups are probably smaller than an adult would expect, but plenty big enough. Also worth a mention, while they are not noise cancelling in particular, the sound and soft cups do go some way to drown out external noise.

Overall, the Quantum 360X, and 360P fit nicely into the ranges offering JBL quality at an affordable price without cutting audio quality. Absolutely a the natural step up from the 100X and a solid way to win over a teenager.