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JBL Quantum 100X

With the Quantum 100X JBL have catered for a lower end of the market as well as the younger end. I think it’s fair to get that out of the way.

As a big lover of the JBL brand and a convert to the mantra of ‘Sound is Survival’, I have to say the Quantum 100X was not what I expected.

Does it have the Quantum Bells and Whistles?

The Quantum 100X is tailored for the Xbox market, it is compatible with other consoles given its 3.5mm jack, but the green highlights and green packaging are a dead giveaway. The other variant is the Quantum 100P, which comes in white and blue and is very much Playstation all over.

The headphones themselves are lightweight and according to the box durable. Though they do appear to be missing some of the usual ‘feel’ of JBL. There is a heftiness missing, the ear cups are smaller, the detailing is lighter and the size is restrictive. The lack of ‘meatiness’ when you are wearing them (on an adult head) makes them feel less solid.

They provide signature JBL Quantum sound, but no noise cancelling or surround. The microphone is detachable, and that’s always nice. The wired connection is robust, but these days we are sold on bluetooth connections.

It is very nicely placed though as a clear entry level product for the console market.

Its not all bad though.

Quantum 100X

The Quantum 100X does deliver clear sound, and works well with chat applications like Discord, Skype or in game.

I gave them a decent spin and then tried them one of my children, who has been spoilt by my other Quantum headsets. We both felt the same overall ‘good, but not great’ feeling.

It’s fair to say, these headsets won’t help you hear footsteps behind you and won’t drown out the noise around you. They would however be a great stocking filler for a young gamer that has never had the benefit of a decent headset. Think of them as a gateway drug to the Quantum 910s.

Overall, we’ve been spoilt, the Quantum 100X won’t be winning awards, but it may well bring more gamers to the JBL family. In which case it will have achieved its objective.