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JBL QUANTUM Wireless 600, review

JBL ANZ very kindly supplied us with a set of Quantum Wireless 600 headphones to celebrate their Australian launch last week. Over the course of this year they have made a big impact in New Zealand with their gaming range and we have been able to review some of the range previously.

Of course JBL are not only known for their Gaming Headsets, as part of the Harman International Group they are responsible for a range of lifestyle audio devices too. Some of which will be finding their way to Australasia soon.

JBL QUANTUM Wireless 600

The 600 Headset is the ‘not quite the top’ of the range unit for JBL, but it really is rather nice. To celebrate launch week we threw together a rough Unboxing video detailing the packaging.

The retail box is solid, with a cloth opener than shouts quality. Inside the headset has that lush new-tech smell and is packaged well with the required USB stick, cables, etc. Incidentally the voiceover for the video above was recorded via the Quantum 100 headset. Which is a clear and effective entry level unit.

JBL Quantum Wireless 600

Is it “comfy”?

What stuck me straight off was that the Headset felt light in comparison to others. The cushioning is soft and yielding across the headband and the ear cups are spacious. I don’t have a small head, so a lightweight headset with room in the cups for my ears is a relief. The tension on the band is also just right, firm without adding pressure. I’m not sure what the material is, but in comparison to my current device I imagine this lasting longer. Where my Gold Wireless cups are starting to flake on the soft white parts.

Having spent a few decent sessions with the unit on, you have to agree with the insightful influencer types that they are indeed “comfy“. With my longest session being approximately five hours, they were cool and easy to wear. I didn’t sweat or overheat and the noise cancelling kept me to myself.

Memory Foam Ears

The moving parts.

The ear cups swivel smoothly, to drop flat on your shoulders, or gracefully hung from a plant pot for Instagram. The outside of the cups have JBL logos, lit up with colour changing LEDs. While its not visible to the wearer, its a nice touch that adds a bit of life to the equipment. As a bonus for our PC friends, the light show is customisable via the JBL QuantumENGINE software suite.

The left side houses the Boom Mike, lift it up to mute and down to talk, a red indicator on the shaft confirms this. Also on the left side is a fader to prioritise between Game Audio and Chat, which is great if you need to concentrate. There is also a volume dial and a secondary mute button. The dials for Volume and fade both feel smooth, they travel well and control the volume responsively. Just beyond the mute button is the charging port, jack for connecting by cable and Bluetooth indicator.

On the right side there is pretty much the power button and battery indicator only.

Sound Surround

JBL QUANTUM Wireless 600 performance.

I can’t put hours to battery life, but after some lengthy sessions straight out of the box there is little indication I need to charge soon.

Noise Cancellation I would put at ‘nicely muffled’, not completely switched off, which is fine. As for sound, that’s really quite impressive. Not being a sound junkie I tend to use a set of headphones until they are done. Which means I am often surprised at the level of sound available in games that never gets heard. Having a set like the Wireless 600 on and cranked up I started to hear things I never noticed.

The 3d Sound is also very impressive, having taken Makarov’s country house in Modern Warfare 2 the defence of the property was made so much easier. Hearing the distanced footfalls of enemy troops, above and below my position. Smiling coldly at the crump of a Claymore going off, knowing from the direction exactly where it was.

As JBL proudly state “sound is survival”. Getting that extra crisp clarity and the drop on somebody sneaking up on you makes it all the more satisfying.

Wireless 600 Survival

Function and Form.

The Wireless 600 is a set that is easy to put on, the packaged (braided) cables make it simple to swap out from PS4, to Mac, to Xbox to Switch. I am happy with it and will be making the most of them. Likewise the 600s little brother the 100s. This is an entry level wired headset without the fancy bell or whistles. That said, the JBL stamp of quality is obvious. My unbox was recorded through the 100s and sampling a few of our YouTube videos through my Mac with it I was blown away by the extra depth in the sound.

After being muffled by life and a low volume TV, my ears are thanking me for the 600s on the PS4 and Xbox. While bedtime with the Switch or Vita has become an aural pleasure using the 100s.

JBL gaming headsets have landed in Australia, it’s about time.

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