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Byte Size – Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof, PSVR Review

Waveshooters have unfortunately been the staple diet of the Playstation VR for over 2 years, with many developers struggling to put anything except guns in the hands of VR players holding two Move Controllers. Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof is no different, with the tried and true mechanic of standing in place and laying waste to waves of enemies at its core.

The setup is a Grandfather regaling his Grandson with tails of his gunslinger days in the old west. The connective tissue linking the various gunfights to the story is delivered in still cartoon cut-scenes, and voice over of Grandad and the young whipper-snapper on his knee.

The interesting feature though, is as the tales of heroism are told, Grandad embellishes the truth somewhat which in-turn morphs the gameworld. So he may start a battle with two six-shooters and finish the fight with a lazer canon and grenade launcher!

The Good- The variety of weapons and the changing gameworld was entertaining, as it kept me on my toes over the roughly 90min romp.

The Bad- It’s a wave shooter that does little to revolutionise the genre and frankly there are better titles on PSVR that should be played first. (ie:Super Hot or Blasters of the Universe)

The Ugly- The missions are just too long and overstay their welcome. If I died, there were no checkpoints and I had to restart the looooong level all over again.

This is far from a ‘must buy’, but it actually looks quiet good and is mechanically sound to play. Simply put, it was a fun way for me and the kids to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. It has to be given credit for doing what it says on the box and doing it well. There are GUNS, and they are fun. There are STORIES, and they are (at times) quite funny.