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Another day, another doubt…

Confidence or a lack thereof is a terrible thing.

It was less than two weeks since I submitted Sparrow’s Flight for consideration, at that time I was pretty happy with myself. I had allowed myself an extra brandy or two and a celebratory evening of BFBC2.

Now I just don’t know, was it good enough? Was it even remotely interesting to anybody else? Would Simon Cowell call it a self indulgent mess?

Time will tell, but now I know there are over 500 entries in the competition and a possible shortlist of 5, I don’t like the odds much. Being somebody that wants to push a quirky and challenging product it may well be an early return to self publishing.

The alternative would be to use the experience and success of ‘taking chemo on the chin’ to get a foot in the door with a real publisher or even an Agent! That would be a shock…

However, being a try hard wordsmith and not a salesman, getting a modicum of my passsion for the new book over is an almost impossible task.

Confidence, great when you have it, crap when you don’t.