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More Rejection

Okay, so the Pindar competition board didn’t really want to see anything other than “run of the mil” fiction. That’s their perogative I suppose, but after all the effort over a shortened writing period I think I am justified in being a little underwhelmed.

The good news is that I am back on the wagon and after courting a few more publishers in yet another round of “We don’t do that kind of thing” I am back in self publishing mode.

Currently negotiating with some digital printers for a short test run, a safer bet than ‘taking chemo’ which was a hefty run on tradional offset. I am pencilling in July as release month and need to secure a fair list of preorders to make the costs work.

Priorities for the short term are to get the cover finalised and order an ISDN. Then it will be time to start canvassing for support by retailers, who I expect are a less timid bunch than the miserable agents and publishers of this green and pleasant land.