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God of War, PS4 Review

How do you take a big angry Spartan, who has a thing for killing Gods, ripping out eyeballs and taking sexy baths with naked ladies and turn him into a complex, heart-broken character, who is a father that knows he isn’t up to the responsibility of the role.

Well if you are Sony, you give Santa Monica Studios a boat load of money, a heap of time and the creative freedom to completely re-imagine what it is to be a God Of War.

So, 2018s God Of War is a stunning game, simple as that. It blends sooo many game-types into one special sauce, while shaving off all the rough edges or common niggles that every other video game seems to suffer from. Take a look at my Non-Review-Review below. Also, take note in the footage of the ‘Continuous Camera’, as I forgot to mention it. Essentially, the camera moves from Gameplay to Cinematic and back to Gameplay seamlessly, there are no cutaways. It is an astounding piece of game design and blending of story and player control.

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