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Been a bit busy

Well, I admit I haven’t posted anything since late last year and I am slightly sorry, but I have good reason.

Since December we have been getting to know a new addition to the family, Rufus was born and has proven that after everything we have been through, lymphoma and IVF that it really all does happen for a reason.

Now that we have found our stride and we have all become used to each other normal service should be resumed.

I will get back to posting reviews as and when something comes up that doesn’t conflict with Netguide’s Console magazine or Buttonmasher.

This year should also hold some interest along the lines of a new book, currently in development for a competition although if it doesn’t make the shortlist I will be self publishing again.

I also plan to get back on the screenplay wagon and still hope to bring some Koru Cottage t-shirts to the world too.

So plenty going on and plenty to come back for.