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Year One

So, it has been an interesting first year for ‘taking chemo on the chin’, admittedly I still have around half of the initial run in my possesion, but that is mainly due to having a real job and plenty of other stuff to concentrate on.

Highlights of my first year in print would be:

• The launch event, complete with a local celebrity and Sophie as the magnificent and glamorous hostess.
• Mr Gavin’s overwhelmed response to receiving a personally dedicated book on his birthday.
• Getting to meet some great folks throughout New Zealand’s cancer related society.
• Being able to share my experience with the people that matter and being humbled by their responses.
• Selling a few copies to other countries was nice.
• Finding my book listed by was a surprise.
• The little burst of excitement whenever somebody I know finds a copy somewhere, in a store or library.
• Having done something to be proud of that I can hold onto is pretty cool.

I guess now I need to try and keep it going, and to that end will pursue some wider distribution now that the verdict is in. That verdict, by the way proves that I was right and the scaredy cat publishers were wrong.

See you on the shelves.