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New Super Lucky’s Tale, Nintendo Switch

New Super Lucky’s Tale obviously treads well worn ground, and the Switch is the place for cutesy platformers. I did not play Super Lucky last time around when it graced the Xbox. In fact I haven’t played many platformers for a good while. The simple crux is, Super Lucky does the job well, it’s a joy to play.

The story sets you up as a young wannabe Guardian out to collect a bunch of collectible things to save the grown-up Guardians and save the day. It’s a platform game, what more so you want?

Do a few things well

Cue the action! After clearing a hub level, you get to leap, bounce, burrow and pounce around themed levels. Stomping on bad guys, solving simple puzzles and collecting coins. Not forgetting Clovers. Which help with the missing pages from the Book of Ages. Collect enough clovers/pages and you will be able to progress through the next area, ultimately meeting and beating a cat derived Boss.

I’m sounding glib, because there’s not a lot to dress it up and to be honest that is the charm. New Super Lucky’s Tale offers straightforward old-fashioned gameplay. A formula that is absolutely perfect for the Switch in a ‘Pick up and Play’ world. Levels are short enough to knock over pretty quickly. Whereas the secrets are not too taxing and there is a joy in spotting the oddly placed collectible.

The New Super Lucky’s Tale package

The game has been fleshed out for the Switch, including DLC and a bunch of challenges. Not forgetting some collectible outfits for Lucky, but nothing yet has been a ‘must buy’! The game spends much of its time in a third person view, thankfully concerns over the original game’s cameras have been addressed. I am also a big fan of the challenge levels that often switch out the view to a 2d sprint or a physics puzzle.

Overall it looks great, the graphics are vibrant and sharp, animation is cute and cuddly. New Super Lucky’s Tale may not be a longterm adventure, but it’s the tonic for right now.

Everything the game does it does well, without layers of complexity. There is no need to add depth, New Super Lucky’s Tale is here to scratch the itch of the classic platforming addict. Nice to look at and fun to play in this high paced disposable world, here’s a few hours of pleasant-ness.