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FIREWALL: Zero Hour, PSVR Review

A decent FPS is the Holy Grail of PSVR gaming, was pretty much the sentiment of our Farpoint Review a whole fourteen months ago, since then there have been plenty of reasons to argue against that statement. Moss and its isometric take, Star Trek, being basically my little boy dream and games like The Inpatient lifting the genre. That’s all set to change, Firewall has arrived and it falls neatly into the unoccupied space of an online team based shooter that can hold its own against Rainbow Six.

Admittedly it doesn’t have the depth or fidelity that Rainbow Six does, but it more than makes up for that in immersion, Firewall puts you right there, treading carefully through every encounter, peeking round corners, ducking for cover and blind firing over a desk. It’s a thrill ride to say the least. There is no way that PSVR could handle a fast twitchy shooter like CoD and why would you want it to? Firewall offers depth and actively encourages teamwork, “a quiet team is a dead team“, talk to your teammates and learn how to play a tight game of cat and mouse.

Browncoat has provided another top-notch video review, please click the link below – you can afford the time as he offers some terrific insight, especially valuable as his day job provide experience to draw on for this.

In summary Firewall is an essential purchase for any self-respecting PSVR owner.

Now hit that link, watch it, like it, share it.