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Indie of the Month – RUINER

Ruiner actually came out in September 2017 and it has always been on my radar, but  this month I finally got around to getting some time in front of it. Aaaand, it kicks ass!

The Polish developer Reikon Games boasts some serious pedigree, with some of them being involved in The Witcher, Dying Light and even Cyberpunk 2077. Aesthetically it is channeling some serious Cyber-Punk vibes, combined with some slick twin-stick shooter mechanics and fully customizable skill trees. Players can chop and change skills depending on how you want to play and what enemies you are up against. The Devs toy with some ‘hub-world’ activities which feel underdeveloped, but considering its come from such a small team, it is still impressive. I hope that they get a chance to build a sequel.

Check out the video from an early level…then go buy it.