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Lawn Mowing Simulator Byte Size Review (XSX)

After a few sessions of Hover Bovver for old times sake, I thought I better get some words down on the latest lawn mowing simulator to hit the market. Lawn Mower Simulator. this time around it isn’t as easy as nipping into Jim’s shed and pinching his mower. This time you have to be fiscally sensible and run the actual business too. From uniforms to equipment, and even staff. You are the boss. All the big brands are there, Toro, SCAG and STIGA. And yup, I haven’t heard of them either…

Does it make the cut?

The actual mowing of grass is quite cathartic, sort of like those colouring books for grown ups. Having goals like minimal damage to flowers, limited fuel, and time limits to to complete the job, all make things interesting. Add to this the business operations between mows and things are actually more in depth than you would expect. The big problem is how tedious and boring it can get spending 20 minutes mowing a lawn. Especially if towards the finish you clip the garden or turn too sharp and damage the turf. I even managed to start one big job and took 5 minutes to realise I hadn’t lowered the blades on my mower… Rookie mistake.

We’re gonna need a bigger mower.

The variation of mowers seems good. I’m no expert but there is definitely some big differences in mowers available. Obvious things like catcher vs mulcher make sense but other differences still escape me. One articulated mower in particular I just couldn’t get the hang of. It just drove so differently to other models. Being able to cut different heights of grass and how bigger area it is can determine which mower you need. Clients may also have preferences on height and removal of clippings. It’s all pretty full on. Just make sure to do a good walk before mowing, hidden objects can really damage your mower.

Closing comments.

It’s weird, I love a game that doesn’t push the pace but Lawn Mower Simulator just hasn’t grabbed me. A selection of much smaller lawns would have worked for me. These large country estates are lovely but get really tedious. Especially towards the end when looking for that final 5% of grass to complete. As a Series X/S enhanced game there is nothing to write home about. Very last generation looks in my opinion. As a cheaper title there is a certain amount of fun to be had here. But like the Farming Simulator titles will really only appeal to a small group long term. If you want you can always come and mow my lawn instead.