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Midnight Mountain DLC, Kinect Sports 2 – xbox 360

When I reviewed Kinect Sports 2 I had a pretty good time, I was also somewhat surprised to find that Skiing was certainly one of the highlights. Now Rare in their wisdom have added three more adrenaline fueled slopes to the roster to spice things up a bit, now I have jumped, squatted and sweated my way through them I feel justified to review them.

The three courses are laid out as night time slopes which does add to the atmosphere well, although its not often you get to stop and take in the scenery. The hero of the pack for me is “Pitch Black”, there is so much air in this slope you feel more like  a Ski Jumper than a downhill racer. Pitch Black is a series of ridiculous rolling jumps, that are probably well out of real world bounds. It also means you will be jumping on the spot more often, so close the curtains.

The other two (“Backwoods Blast” and “After Hours”) are well modeled, balanced and offer some variety along the way. Overall people like  me that enjoy Kinect for what it is and still have an accepting attitude to the technology will find this addition a fun and worthy spend.

Below in italics is the official word on the tracks and the soft news that there may well be a new sport heading to Kinect land in the near future.

Dare to take on Midnight Mountain with the new Skiing content that is sure to get hearts pumping. Set against the cloak of night, the “Midnight Mountain Ski Pack” provides an avalanche of fresh downhill fun with three floodlit ski runs. The Ski pack is available in all modes and includes new achievements to test speed and agility, and Challenges to send to friends both online and offline and in the Challenge Play mode on Xbox LIVE.

The three new courses in the “Midnight Mountain Ski Pack” include:

  • Backwoods Blast – A high-adrenaline precision course through the forest with narrow straights, dizzying twists, and steep rollers to put your focus to the test.
  • Pitch Black – For skiers who like to get airborne, this terrain-heavy course sports big jumps, steep banks, giant rollers, and vertical drops, where jumping is the key to getting a great time.
  • After Hours – An Advanced Slalom course built for more gates and a faster rhythm – ideal for speed fanatics and classic racing fiends.

The “Midnight Mountain Ski Pack” is the latest in a series of game add-ons released for “Kinect Sports: Season Two.” Additional downloadable content will be made available in 2012, each release including some element of free content to keep you on the field and in the game. Stay tuned for details about “Challenge Pack #2,” coming in February 2012, and even news of a whole new sport!