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Minecraft Legends Byte Size Review (XSX)

I have never really got into the original Minecraft. But loved Minecraft Dungeons. Although with a, now 16 year old, son I was exposed to every element of of Minecraft over the last decade. We have had Minecraft Lego, Minecraft Action Figures, even Minecraft Birthday Parties. Maybe that is why I have never gelled with the original Minecraft. PTSD of the cuboid variety.

Being completely oblivious to this latest Mojang Studios release, my initial thought was of Minecraft Dungeons  and how I had enjoyed that. I entered the Legends realm with quite a positive outlook. Bring on the Piglins!

Thanks to Microsoft/Xbox for providing a copy of Minecraft Legends to me for review. I really do appreciate it.

Minecraft Legends trailblazing

Steve? Is That You?

The Overworld is being corrupted by Nether, the evil darkness being spread by those nasty little Piglins’. Time to put your undies on the outside and don a cape. Again you are to be the hero of this adventure. Protecting villages by night and going on the offensive by day is the formula here. Supported by a bunch of new friends and even some familiar faces willing to join the cause. It all looks and feels very like Minecraft. But something is missing…

Minecraft Legends amongst the daisies

I’m Just A Creep…er.

Unfortunatly Minecraft Legends is a very rinse and repeat affair. Protect a friendly village, destroy a Piglin camp. As you progress and explore you unlock access to different materials which in turn allows you to build new structures. And spawn different allies. Unfortunately I found it all very ‘samey’ and with some real painful build mechanics, like trying to get a ramp up to a higher level. This meant I just couldn’t get into a groove with Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends bug hunting

It Takes A Village.

At its heart, Minecraft Legends is a multiplayer heavy title. With both co-operative PvE, and competitive PvP modes. Maybe I am just the wrong type of gamer but I still don’t see a hell of a lot of fun to be had here. Basically it is an open world for kids to hang out in with their mates and talk crap. In the day and age of powerful gaming machines the Minecraft aesthetic is starting to look really tired outside anything other than the original Minecraft.

Minecraft Legends rainy day

Closing Comments.

I feel like I am hating on Minecraft legends quite a bit here. But I can’t help but wonder if this is a bit of the old story of taking a loved brand and getting something out the door. Hoping to trade on the name alone. We have seen a few Lego games do the same. I’m guessing that there is a massive target market out there that will gobble this up whole heartedly.

It is Minecraft after all. Mums and Dads will be buying it for little Jonny and Jill because it is safe. Unfortunately this does nothing but reward poor game development. All I can say is just because it looks like Minecraft, and smells like Minecraft doesn’t mean it is going to be fun.