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Nacon ‘Revolution’ Controller (PS4) – Unboxing

Xbox One owners have been enjoying a high calibre controller for some months now, with the release of the first party Xbox Elite Controller from Microsoft. Sony have finally met their user base halfway with two ‘Pro’ controllers, which are officially licensed for Playstation, but are made by third parties. Nacon and Razor have just released two controllers and I have got my hands on the Nacon ‘Revolution’ to put through its paces.

A full review will follow in a few days once I have spent some time with it, but to start with, here are some unboxing pics.

Nice molded box that says: Yep – you have bought quality.

Controller itself has a weighty feel. The surface is a sort of brushed plastic that almost feels rubbery. The grip is bigger in my hands compared to the stock Duel Shock 4. …And look at those sticks, in the right place! (for me anyway.)

Some sneaky programmable buttons underneath. Notice the flush-capped screw holes, little details that hint to a quality build.

Triggers and Bumpers that look and feel very similar to an Xbox One controller. Very smooth trigger pull, with a tactile resistance, not just springy. Metal stick shafts and surrounds (so no grinding plastic) and a metal cable fitting.

I would take wireless any day, but like the Razor and most ‘Pro’ controllers, the Nacon is wired for low latency. Nice braided cable and metal fittings.

Both sides of the handgrip has removable weight holders, so weights can be swapped to give the controller the right balance. Gee wizz!

The controller has a huge amount of internal settings and adjustments that can be made via a PC app, so will have to have a bit of a play to see what’s what.

Controller, cable, various weights, carry pouch all included. Pretty good initial impression and it feels like a quality consumer product, when just sitting in my hands. We will see how it stacks up after a few hours of gaming.