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Sweet Transit Byte Size Review (PC)

Sweet Transit. Not sold on the name. All I visualise is the the cast from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But anyway, Sweet Transit (Still in Early Access) is the latest game to dive in to the ‘City Builder’ genre, thankfully with a twist to stand out in a crowded market. This difference is to put the transit system at the forefront of the game and if you haven’t guessed, that system is rail. Trainspotters worldwide unite! This is the game for you. Unfortunately this may be the only group that will get any enjoyment out of this Sweet Transit. 

I Choo-Choose You.

Now I am not one to shy away from a game because it requires a bit of grinding to get anywhere, but repetition with no real goal is painful. And this is the downside to Sweet Transit. The only real goal is to make it bigger. At least games like Frostpunk have more direction, if it is at a detriment to scale. Sweet Transit is a bit like a unsated snake eating its own tail. You need coal for the trains and you need trains to move the coal. And on the side, you need workers to mine the coal, and fill the seats on the trains…

Wait For My Signal.

Being so focused on the the rail system needs structure. This is where Sweet Transit adds the need for signals. The last thing any developing society wants is a train wreck so having well place signals is vital. And one thing I could not get right. As entertaining as this was it really did stifle the growth of my towns. Now impatience may have played a large bit in this but even the Tutorial was pretty sparse on how to implement signals in a proper fashion.

Now Leaving Platform 17.

Moving from steam power to diesel power and building a network of towns to support your rail network is interesting, to some. No me though. Sweet Transit looks the part and plays well and while still in Early Access is a very polished game. Obviously it is a not a title that will be very taxing on your PC but it can stand proud with its presentation. The music, oh the music… Composed for the game, it is a mix of old time Jazz, Rock & Roll, and Harlem Parlour Blues. And to be brutally honest, it did my head in. Yes it might be suitable for the time and subject matter of the game but, well at least there is a volume slider.

Closing Comments.

What can I say, Sweet Transit just isn’t for me. I can see it being enjoyed by a few people out there but apart from that select few most won’t have the time for this. It appears there is a modding option and as we have seen with other games mods can really be a game changer. It would have to be an impressive mod to garner my interest. I will never say never, but sorry Sweet Transit you are taking up valuable hard drive space.