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Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, PSVR Review

Waaaaay back in 2016 as part of the PSVRs launch, there was a little demo about a little robot. He was cute, funny and great fun to play with. But the demo was painfully short and the cries from the burgeoning PSVR audience for a full blown Astro Bot game, were loud and clear. Well Sony listened, and in conjunction with Japan Studios, they have created one of the best platforming experiences I have personally played in decades.

After a luke-warm first couple of years, the PSVR has in recent months started going from strength to strength. Astro Bot oozes a high level of care and development, and makes this a must play for any PSVR owner. My hope is, that now there are 3+ Million of us headset users in the wild, we keep seeing this level of investment in PSVR titles so we get a steady stream of these top-tier experiences that only a VR headset can provide.

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