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Starlink: Battle for Atlas, PS4 Review

There is a certain magic about something in the ‘real world’ affecting a Video Game. Starlink: Battle for Atlas is the next iteration of the Toys-to-Life idea, which Skylanders and Disney Infinity blazed the trail on during the last generation.

That said, Starlink is aimed at a slightly older audience this time round, with game mechanics and story elements that are better suited to early-teen gamers as opposed to Pre-K kiddies. I will admit too that this big-kid gamer, also really enjoyed Starlink. I had a lot of fun mucking about in the Universe of Atlas and got a kick out of playing some couch co-op with my family.

The model ships and attachments are well made, look great and any child would be stoked to not only play with them in-game, but for the ships to take pride of place in a bedroom or playroom.

Simply put, Starlink is the combination of classic sci-fi, cool toys and solid open world video game fun, all wrapped up in a slick Saturday morning cartoon skin. The game has a target audience and that is kids, who will love every part of it…I’m just no sure if parents wallets are going to love it too.

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