Crysis 3 – Incoming

“A series that hits the sweet spot on many levels, forget the controversy of a CoD, the highs and lows of a Halo, Crysis is about good, solid gameplay.”

 Two more sleeps and the adventures of Prophet in his Nanosuit continue. The Crysis games have always been beautiful, even when the internet swore that current gen consoles couldn’t handle them. Crysis 3 is raising the bar again, the environment is a beautifully realised concept offering depth and verticality. The open ended nature of the maps and the sheer amount of detail does push other first person shooters into their customary stark shade.

Add to the production value a freshly mixed arsenal, including the poster boy Compound Bow and the ability to pick up alien weaponry, then things start to get interesting.

Last month saw the release of an open beta for the multiplayer game, the take up seemed well populated and the gameplay was solid. Having never bothered with Crysis 2 online because of other games and playing it on the PS3 I was intrigued. What met me was a hard and fast mix action and strategy, unlike the twitchy shooters your nanosuit abilities can turn a match, getting you out of trouble and gaining the upper hand at the right time. The suit also adds weight to the gameplay, hefty jumps and bruising melle actions feel right, Crysis delivers in gameplay you can feel, other, more recent shooters should be taking notes.

As for the beta, well, the Maps are big enough  to offer multiple routes and satisfy the pace of any gamer, as with any shooter it takes a few minutes to steady your aim and understand the balance of the loadouts, but once you are happy the hours slide by.

Until a server timeout brings you back to reality and that nagging reminder that this is a small taste of what is coming very, very soon.