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The EPOS H6PRO comes in a couple of variants, today we’re looking at the ‘Closed Accoustic Gaming Headset’. EPOS have been delivering quite the range of quality headsets over recent times and the H6PRO is a welcome addition.

EPOS devices are nicely packaged, and there’s no mistaking the ‘new Headphone smell’ inside this box. Inside, the Headset is plugged into a solid foam base, along with two cables and second faceplate for replacing the boom mike arm.

In a wireless world it sometimes feels a step backwards going for a wired solution. The EPOS build quality is unmistakable, it’s obvious that the headset is built to last. The H6Pro is solid, light and moving parts all feel spot on.

The two cables swap out for console or PC use, not being a PC Gamer I’ve used the headsets for Teams meetings and the audio quality is terrific. All well and good for day job conversations, but the gaming action is where it’s at.

Is the H6PRO comfy? (Essential Influencer question.)

The closed-back nature of the set, coupled with extremely comfortable and durable ear cushions allow for long sessions. The noise cancelling is top notch, allowing you to focus on the game sounds around you. The lack of airflow is teh key to keeping sound inside and external noise pollution out. The closed Headset is also designed to be lighter and accomodating to more users for longer sessions. My main concern here is in comparison to my other headsets performance, I lose some of the Bass and 3D-ness I’ve become accustomed to. That said, the clarity is good, ambient sounds are clear and detailed. I’ve also caught a few Battlefield sneaks coming up at me from behind, so that’s nice. There’s no doubt at all that they are designed for gamers.

The voice chat functionality is clear and as expected the boom mutes by swinging up and down. Something I like very much is being able to remove the magnetic boom and replacing it with a flat panel. Transforming the headset into the perfect phone companion for taking music on the go.

Plugging it into an Xbox, Playstation controller or directly into a Switch puts you straight on. FInally; Microsoft have realised it’s a good thing to mute the TV when we start using Headphones. Not only a great quality of life feature, something that has always astounded me, even with their own headphones.

In summary

There’s no argument that the H6PRO gives you an edge in-game. As with any wired Headset I do find the occasional grating of the cable on my clothes somewhat irksome. That however, is the only real negative, because the H6PRO is a smart, sleek and comfortable set. It’s also a small price to pay for never running out of battery or losing a dodgy Bluetooth connection. Overall, a terrific member of the EPOS family and worth the ticket price.

There will be a place in your setup for these headphones for quite some time. They do exactly what they say on the tin and the build quality is superb. As a plug-and-play option to replace or back-up your wireless set, the EPOS H6PRO is a damn fine addition to anybody’s collection.