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Grand Kingdom – Beta Preview

GrandKingdomBetaGrand Kingdom was a surprise to me, but it seems to be a pretty big thing.

The blurb offers a deep and satisfying strategy title, with a host of exciting options and It’s not far off from what I have seen.

Revolving around building a team of mercenaries the player sides with a nation of their choosing and dungeon crawls their way through the world. On top of that there is an online meta game that allows players to take part in larger wars. Pushing attacks either into or out of the nation, it’s an interesting concept and adds further layers to the game part base building tower defence and part skirmish level strategy.

The style of the game is basic, yet quite nice to look at. Classic Manga lines mixed with water coloured backgrounds. The character classes are all well represented and there is enough graphical variety to make them look good in a crowd.

The engine reminds me of classic Might and Magic games, where the strategy is a 2d affair on a set stage. Something that will work well on the Vita version. The strategy does offer good opportunity for depth as classes show off their skills, magic attacks and ranges. Like Othello it’s easy to grasp the concept, but there is plenty to master.

I’ve enjoyed the experience and like it a lot, I just wish I had more time to throw into a title like this. In th meantime checkout some of the video below.