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Norton VPN, byte-size feature

These days online shenanigans are a dime a dozen with all kinds of nefarious goings on. In today’s constantly connected world using a device without a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a bit like owning a nice car then not wanting to pay for insurance. You know you should protect what you have in the event something might happen, but you don’t see the point if nothing ever does happen.

I’ve been using a Norton’s VPN in some form for a few years now. Frankly, I wouldn’t go online using either my iPad or my PC without it activated. Even when my life is so boring that I’m sure no hacker could be bothered hacking my accounts.

While hackers/scammers/Nigerian princes would no doubt find nothing nothing noteworthy. Norton’s VPN gives me that extra layer of protection when I’m away from my secure home network. Even using public wi-fi or wi-fi at homestays and hotels. Even to watch shows on online streaming services that I pay for, that aren’t available in the country I live in. I’m looking at you, Netflix.

Peace of mind?

For the past couple of years I’ve been using the VPN built into Norton’s 360 for Gamers, which does a great job of protecting my online activity. Such as searching the dark web to see whether any of my online profiles have been compromised and alerting me to malicious websites. More recently I’ve been using Norton’s standalone VPN on my mobile devices, which offers more protection than 360 for Gamers, such split tunnelling. Where your VPN divides your internet traffic and sends some through the VPN. While routing the rest through a separate tunnel on the open network.

I can highly recommend Norton’s suite of VPNs. I used it extensively during a recent public holiday weekend. Where I was using wi-fi at the homestay we were renting for four nights and it gave me that peace of mind that I needed. Simply put, I wouldn’t go online without using my VPN.


Here’s a chance to win some Norton VPN

Thanks to Norton, we have a copy of Norton’s VPN ( to giveaway to one lucky Koru-Cottage reader. Norton VPN offers features such as automatically securing your connection if you connect to a compromised network. Automatically disconnecting from the wi-fi if the VPN connection is lost (Windows & Android only) and split tunnelling (Windows & Android only)

To enter the draw, reply to our Tweet and let us know what you’d use Norton’s VPN to protect.

Entry is open to New Zealand and Australian readers only, the winner will be picked by our editor. Entries close Thursday 28th April, 5pm AEST.

Please follow @korucottage on Twitter so that we can contact you by DM if you win.

A redeemable code will be sent to the winner directly from Norton’s PR company via email.