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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds (DLC), PS4 Review

I reviewed Horizon Zero Dawn back at the start of the year and even though 2017 has seen some of the best games in years being released, HZD is still currently sitting in my GOTY slot. I have sunk 50-60 hours into it, as well as being a good way into a fresh New Game+ run through. It has been a loooooong wait for November to roll around and some DLC. But finally I can sink my teeth into the one and only HZD content expansion, The Frozen Wilds.

Thankfully Guerilla games have delivered in spades. A large edition to the game world targeted at level 30+ characters has dropped, and the developers have snuck in some cool new weapons and lore. Unfortunately, the much anticipated new skill tree has failed to impress me, essentially the shining up of some ‘quality of life’ changes, that could have easily been done as a ‘patch’, have been given their own skill tree. Sadly the skills are far from revolutionary when it comes to moment to moment gameplay.

That all said, the quality of the world created, its characters and the gameplay mechanics were all sublime in Zero Dawn and its pleasing to say, Guerilla haven’t gone and ballsed it up.

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