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No Man’s Sky: Beyond (yes, we’re excited)

No Man’s Sky has had a journey and a half, considering the theme of the game that’s kind of fair. The team here at koru-cottage have all had dealings with the Hello Games opus. From the early days of those outstanding E3 reveals all the way through to it’s actual release which at the time was PS4 exclusive. Now we are two days away from No Man’s Sky: Beyond, the game is changing.

No Man’s Sky took the games some of us grew up with and baked up an ambitious roadmap, a game that offered so much. However it’s pedestrian manner soon lost traction with the masses. Gamers revolted, the groundswell touted how they were cheated, how they didn’t know what they were getting into.

Thankfully Sean Murray and Hello Games weathered the storm. They buckled down and kept working, they pushed out huge updates and kept moving the game forward. With no cost to the users. Which in itself in these loot box littered days is something rare and ethical.

People kept with the game, probably more so like me dipping in for a few weeks at a time, then falling off. Even in these short bursts, you can see the evolution, you could feel where it was going.

I’m going out for a while, I may be some time.

No Man’s Sky: Beyond is about to deliver a more vibrant, luscious and interactive version of the game. Some outlets are already calling it NMS 2 in all but name.

One of the biggest drawcards this time round has to be the PSVR inclusion.

Something we were wanting before the original release and now it’s finally here the signs are good. What isn’t clear is how much of the game is immersed in the headset. Do you play fully in PSVR alongside others? Is it only active while in a craft? Does jumping into a vehicle give you the option to slip on the unit or have they resolved a decent locomotion system for traversing. Whatever the answers are – I can’t wait to find out.

It will also be interesting to see what happens to saved progress when the update hits. Given the changes that occurred to people when etc Next update dropped. Ships changing or going missing, planets and bases being irrevocably altered. Whatever happens, we all seen the last Avengers movie – surely a few changes are a small price to pay for what comes with Beyond.

Where we sat.

In the beginning we had a chalk and cheese take on the game, Richard loved it (review). Guy did not (review), however he could see some virtue and he did warm up later. So it wasn’t all bad.

Barrie had good things to say, but he was on the Next update from day one (reviewing) the Xbox One X version.

Needless to say, this is a big week and we will be reporting back when we have had to chance to get back out there.

Exploring the new 32 player Hub, experiencing the PSVR, riding animals, discovering new creatures, building new bases.





Join us on the 14th, let’s see what’s out there.