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Borderlands 3 is coming in hot

There is no doubt that with a few weeks to go, Borderlands 3 is coming in hot.

Word on the street from Gamescom is full of praise. The hands on demos we’ve seen on social media have been looking great until now, but this feels more straight up.

Its absolutely obvious the Hype Train is at full tilt and won’t be stopping at any stations on its way to September 13th.

Have we got a ticket? Oh, Yes. We’ve gushed over Borderlands a few times across the years (here, here and here) and 2019 will be no exception. We might not have received Roses in the post to launch a trailer, been flown anywhere for early previews to be gifted more loot than a looty shooter. We don’t need convincing like that, we just want to play.

Silky smooth gameplay, bazillions of guns, trademark humour – speaks for itself really. Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

September and October might be starting the Silly Season early, but remember Borderlands 3 is coming in hot.