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No Man’s Sky: Beyond (yes, we’re excited)

No Man’s Sky has had a journey and a half, considering the theme of the game that’s kind of fair. The team here at koru-cottage have all had dealings with the Hello Games opus. From the early days of those outstanding E3 reveals all the way through to it’s actual release which at the time was PS4 exclusive.

Now we are two days away from No Man’s Sky: Beyond, the game is changing.

Excited, to say the least.

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No Man’s Sky Review, Xbox One X

When No Man’s Sky was released back in 2016 for the PS4 I was so jealous as a Xbox owner. I was actually very close to purchasing a PS4 because of this. If you read Richard and Guy’s thoughts on the original release you can see it was a very polarising game that Hello Games had on their hands.

Thankfully the development team took all the comments, both positive and negative, on board and knuckled down for a couple of years to bring us the Xbox One release as well as a definitive update to PS4 and PC under the name of No Man’s Sky Next.

Have they nailed it? Or is it just the ‘next’ big disappointment?

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No Man’s Sky – the non review

It’s been a while, a while since we were wowed by No Man’s Sky being revealed at E3 and a longer while since I cut my teeth in space dreaming of a game like this. There’s no doubt the unique selling point of NMS is the scale of this operatic vision.

Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games have delivered what they set out to do, a near infinite gaming playground that humbles you into submission, it offers up a diluted offering of space travel and interplanetary jumping that sits happily in the realm of any hokum sci-fi.

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