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No Man’s Sky – launch trailer(s) campaign

With the 10th August approaching faster than the Falcon on the Kessel Run everybody that has been drooling at the possibility of exploring an impossibly infinite universe will get their dreams fulfilled.

No Man’s Sky is officially Gold, and in around 3 weeks we will know how much life to give up to exploring, naming planets, learning alien languages and joining epic space battles.

Bring it on people.

Here is trailer number four: Survive. It appears the odds are against us and the situation is grim, sounds like fun – No Man’s Sky.

Here is trailer number three: Trade. Thankfully there really is ‘more’ to No Man’s Sky.

Here is trailer number two: Fight. Giving an insight into the combat of No Man’s Sky.

For now, enjoy the first of four glimpses in to the NMS Universe: Explore.