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Halo 3, Byte Size Review (PC)

Originally released in 2007 for the Xbox 360, Halo 3 returned to the Xbox One as part of the Master Chief Collection in 2014 and now in 2020 it comes to PC. So here we go, a review for a 13 year old game that any gamer worth their salt has played at some point. Hell, even my Wife recognises the Master Chief. To be honest, even just hearing the Halo theme music brings back memories and a huge smile to my face. And going by previous reviews by Richard and Gerard, it seems we are all in agreement when it comes to how iconic the Halo theme track is. Let us once more don the green Spartan armour and go kick some Covenant butt.

Halo 3 : The Master Chief

The Ol’ Spit And Polish.

As is expected with the re-release of a game this old we have a plethora of tweaks to appease the PC Gaming Gods. 4K Ultra HD resolution support at 60 frames per second, including Ultrawide support, mouse and keyboard support, adaptive sync and customisable FOV, and a variable framerate all make an appearance. With all this help Halo 3 looks good. Not great, but good enough to keep most happy. But more importantly gameplay is smooth, silky smooth. This makes playing the campaign a joy and multiplayer a really solid event.

Halo 3 : Iconic Moments

Finish The Fight.

As Halo 3 is part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection I would assume that most players will have already played through Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and possibly even Reach. So without spoiling it for you, Halo 3 has you continuing your fight with the Covenant. The story in the Halo franchise is definitely one of the best in gaming. So regardless of how much fun can be had in the multitude of multiplayer modes, please take time to enjoy the campaigns from beginning to end.

Halo 3 : Red vs Blue

Fun With Friends.

Halo was one of the first really popular multiplayer games on Xbox and that has just grown with subsequent releases. Early matchmaking problems appear to have been fixed. So getting stuck into your choice of the online selection shouldn’t be an issue. Although my favourite mode comes with Halo: ODST which is being added next with the inclusion of Firefight mode. And if co-op is more your thing then the campaign can be done with a friend too.

Halo 3 : Fun with Friends

Closing Comments.

This is all a bit strange, Halo 3 is old. Hell, as a Xbox owner even the Halo: The Master Chief Collection is old. But for those yet to experience the Halo universe I am glad there is now an option for more to do so. Getting the whole collection is great value and lets face it, Halo is an iconic brand in gaming. Even those who bag it have no doubt had a moment of guilty pleasure with Master Chief and his mates. It may not have aged perfectly. But you owe it to yourself to experience Halo 3 and all the franchise titles.