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Control: The Foundation DLC, PS4 Review

Control was my game of the year in 2019, so the prospect of a big ol’ chunk of DLC (The Foundation) was music to my ears. And, I am happy to report that Remedy Games have gone beyond time and space again! “The Foundation” DLC has all the stunning level design, unsettling tone and addictive gameplay that made the main game unmissable last year.

The Foundation DLC is puzzling

This DLC taps straight onto the end of the main story arc, and actually requires the main Campaign to have been completed.

The Oldest House has been compromised in its foundations, hence the name. I won’t get bogged down in the details. Jesse needs to pick up her Director’s Pistol again and head into the caverns under The Oldest House to figure out what’s going on.

Mission structure and levels feel very familiar, but they are set in totally new locations. The stunningly realised environments range from rock tunnels, dig sites and the Astral Plain.

Some new rushing-type melee enemies have been added to the array of ‘Hiss’. All of who need sploding into that red mist, Control players know and love. Also a nice combat addition is now being able to call in a Federal Bureau of Control Trooper to help out in the tougher missions. Very handy.

Two new skills have been added to Jesse’s repertoire. A shield charge skill and an ability for building up and then tearing down large crystal structures. The latter to create walls, platforms and open up hidden tunnels. It sounds better than it is to be honest. The skills are very situational by design and can only be used with crystals that have been specifically placed in the environment.

They weren’t particularly fun to use either, especially when compared to the ‘Launch’ skill. Which allows for anything and everything in the environments to be a weapon. The ‘crystal skill’ let’s call it, plays more like a platforming trope found in many games. Something that Remedy have also shoe-horned into select combat situations for varieties sake.

Control en route to The Foundation DLC

Also in the mix, are new Weapon and Personal Mods.

They are based around the idea of the mods in the main game, but now have interesting buffs. Such as ‘dodging reloads weapons’ or ‘launch damage giving health’ (This one’s a goodie). This quickly reminded me of one of the main issues from the original release. Where the max level of Mods that can be stored is only 25. It just isn’t enough and should have been increased, Remedy.

The Foundation DLC

The core of Control remains unchanged.

Control is still a beautiful, approachable game which I love to bits. Even with the odd technical hitch and chug. The Foundation DLC is an easy 4-5hr jaunt with awesome environments and plenty of “Wow, that is cool” moments.

If you played Control last year and enjoyed it, then the choice is simple. Buy this DLC  you will not be sorry.