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2019 – How did it stack up? (The Guy Edition)

1st – Control:

Control hit all the right notes for me. It felt unique, approachable and fun.  With a surreal world I loved to just be in and be confused by. I even Platinumed it!! A title that has escaped the attention of Richard, but with all the buzz it’s becoming inevitable.

2nd – Metro – Exodus:

One of my all time favourite FPS series, now with a new balance of open-world and crafted linear levels. If it wasn’t for the minor technical jank and loading times, Metro: Exodus may have sat in first place.

3rd – Blood & Truth:

Blood and Truth is the best VR game on the PSVR. It is a showcase for what a VR game in the AAA space can look and play like. I jumped off buildings, dove through windows and by the end credits, I could have given any hollywood action hero a run for his money. Thanks again to Sony and Darren Price for our Sydney based preview.

Most Disappointing:

Anthem – I just can’t grasp how a combination of my beloved Bioware and flying Iron Man suits resulted in a total cluster, I just will never fathom why they walked such a great idea down the road of trash. But we all know the story and the result, and it still pisses me off for being such a disappointing game from the best in the business.

Honorable Mention:

Destiny 2 – It is my comfort food, my old pair of slippers, my regular Bar Stool at ‘Cheers’. When I walk in, everyone yells “Norm!” and I sit down and shoot endless Aliens in the face, and love every minute.

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