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Rage – reviewed for Game Console NZ,


A long time coming and causing a few discussons now it’s here, follow the link to my review over at Game Console.

There are industry stalwarts with pedigree, then there are developers that defined games for a generation. I would put id Software in the latter bracket. There is no doubt that gamers would still be playing first person shooters today  if there hadn’t been iconic classics like Wolfenstein or Doom paving the way, but when would the industry have gotten to grips with the genre, and how would they be different? Gamers of a certain age mist over when talking about those classic games, partially due to the groundbreaking nature of the games and partially with fond memories of the creaking hardware that managed to run those games. These were run and gun games making history, with blocky graphics and no narrative, but they captivated a generation….more.