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State of Decay 2 – Daybreak Pack (Xbox One X)

Daybreak is the first real add on for Undead Labs great zombie survival game, State of Decay 2. There have been some weapons and cars made available via DLC, of which I grabbed The Independence Pack since I was heading back into zombie land, but nothing substantial.

Now six months after the initial game release will have seen most gamers, including myself, having moved on from State of Decay 2. And with so many great releases recently and in the near future it would have to be something pretty spectacular to draw gamers back in. Does it meet the grade?

Well basically, no. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice addition but very limited in what it adds to the game overall. The Daybreak Pack is a siege defence, or horde mode, with you and three mates defending a Red Talon satellite relay unit which is being repaired.

You have sparse, but military spec, weapons and ammo. Also available are repair kits to keep the walls standing. These are very limited though and you can pretty well expect to be breeched at some point.

All your favourite zombies make and appearance, and as usual the feral is a pain in the butt with the ability to leap over your walls. In addition to the regulars we now welcome the Blood Plague Juggernaut! Uh-Oh things just got real!

In between the waves of zombie hordes an airborne ally will drop much needed supplies, problem is this expert military pilot manages to drop every cache outside your defences. Meaning a fast excursion into the danger zone, and as you will need these supplies there is no avoiding this.

Although this mode is very limited and repetitive, you earn points. And points unlock items in the base game, Red Talon items, military grade. The ability to build a base workshop that creates its own electricity and advanced watch towers will be very handy in your quest for survival. But it is a real grind to get there though so be prepared.

Closing Comments.

There just isn’t enough meat on the bones here, even for a flesh starved zombie. The additions to the main game are the redeeming factor but the need to grind through so much tedium will have most just sticking to a game without the extras.

Grab The Independence Pack instead. Much more ‘bang’ for your buck.