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Super Arcade Football, Switch Byte Size review

Super Arcade Football, is absolutely a spiritual successor to any misty eyed memories of Sensible Soccer.

What more can I say, I’ve lived and loved Sensible over the years, my Amiga was never far away from the 3.5″ floppy. When SWOS arrived I changed holiday plans around the release date, which didn’t go down too well. Yes there have been newer versions, but we needed something fresh and Super Arcade Football is the new challenger for that void.


Like it’s stuck to his feet Terry.

Super Arcade Football brings lovingly recreated playability to the table, and more importantly it fits so well to the Switch. The gameplay suits the real-estate of the screen and the sticks give you enough travel to not be frustrated. As a soul that experienced Sensible at the height of the 9-pin joystick, d-pad controlled versions never suited me. Well played, Out of the Bit.

This game brings the trademark feeling of aftertouch, screwing the ball into a top corner, or looping it across the pitch is all possible. What I haven’t yet clicked with is those looping goals from the halfway line, Beckham vs Wimbledon style. Or even my trademark scoring from a corner with a deft flick of the aftertouch. However, that’s likely my own old fingers fault, 95% of the gameplay feels fantastic.

Super Arcade Football

Let’s talk tactics Brian?

Before we do, Super Arcade Football drops you straight in with a light hearted narrative as such. Using the unusually named Balarm FC, you basically work your way through set upon set of matches. Each group of matches, be it league class, is cut with a comic style cutscene. Cheeky humour and wholly unnecessary, but it’s there by design. Playing through these matches is the meat of the game, and is fun in short bursts, the difficulty can ramp up though especially with modifiers coming into play.

Tactics though, are there in force. All the usual formation are accessible and you can swap out players as you see fit. However I can’t see any player stats, which undermines their potential.

Super Arcade Football

Post Season shenanigans Gary?

Oh yes, there’s plenty to do. All manner of Custom Cup and League competitions that can be set up and played. Along with a range of male or female teams to choose from, Sensible players will be happy to see some silly names in there too. Adding to the game conditions are modifiers, a range of which can be switched on. Where most Soccer games offer weather effects, Super Arcade Football throws the kitchen sink at you. Mud patches, Oil Slicks, even Meteorites raining down on the pitch, crazy and entertaining at the same time.

Graphically, I’m right at home. The players are Sensible size, but better looking with decent haircuts. The pitch types all look the part, even the indoor pitches with their rebounding walls. One distraction is the addition of a third person view for penalties, which I don’t mind at all.

Third Person Penalty!

You can also play online and local against real people. Apart from some lag in a couple of the online games I found it perfectly playable. Really testing your prowess, when a person is at the other end of the pitch rather than the Switch.

It might not be Sensible, but for a fresh take today Super Arcade Football has found a spiritual home on my Switch and will be there permanently. Perfect for a few minutes flat on the go or a few quick online matches. It’s a top corner rocket from outside the box!