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The Survivalists Review (Xbox One X)

Team 17 ventures into well known territory with The Survivalists. And not a worm or Holy Hand Grenade in sight. The Survivalists has you in a familiar situation of being shipwrecked on an unknown island and having to plan your escape, and survival. Thankfully you don’t have to go it alone on this island. The local monkeys are willing to help you out for the price of some food or their freedom from caged life. So if you have ever wanted to raise a monkey army then here is your chance.

The Survivalists at play

Swiss Army Knife And Duct Tape.

Starting off with nothing but the clothes on your back you will quickly MacGyver your way to a comfortable living. Tools and items become available via an unlockable tree system. This requires you to build simpler objects before allowing more advanced items to be built. It is intuitive and allows you to move at pace with the unlocks so you can focus on you camp building. Building somewhere to sleep, cook, and craft is a priority. Your bed is how you save your game and pass time in game. Certain crafting takes a little longer and this is where our little primate friends come in.

Get That Monkey Off Your Back.

You will hear the monkeys before you see them. Giving a bowl of food to one in the wild will have it become your best friend. Similarly if you free a caged monkey it will also befriend you. Once you have some followers you have to decide how to use them. This is done by giving them the required tool and having them mimic you. Give one an axe and have it watch you chop a tree, and bingo, you have a lumber-monkey. Give a monkey a sword… Hang on! Have the the guys at Team 17 seen Planet of the Apes?!?!

If you prefer you can team up with three mates and take on the island together. But why would you ignore the chance to give a monkey a weapon? Right?

Monkeying around in The Survivalists

Is That The Temple Of Doom?

Against better judgement it is wise to form an armed monkey militia. Surviving at night will be easier and if you plan to venture underground then they will definitely save your skin. And you will want to head into those underground tombs and temples. Because that is where all the good loot is. Above ground there is a wide variety of animals to hunt, trap, and run away from. Add to these some very nasty humanoid creatures and it seems nobody wants you on their island. Thankfully a fella in a balloon will drop in regularly to trade with you. Why can’t you just buy a seat with him to escape with him is beyond me.

Closing Comments.

Coming from the team behind The Escapists, and with pedigree of Worms supporting them you know you are in for a great game. A gentle learning curve along with accessible gameplay means you will soon be building a great little settlement for you and your monkeys. I’m going to say that The Survivalists is very much like Ark: Survival Evolved in some ways, just not as brutal. And monkeys replace the dinosaurs. Although there is the constant requirement of food to take care of, The Survivalists is a nice relaxing game. Regular progression keeps you engaged and possibly the best achievement ever is gained for killing a shark. Spending time alone, stranded on an island has never been so much fun.