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Destroy All Humans! 2 – Re-probed Review (XSX)

Following up on the 2020 re-release of Destroy All Humans! comes the re-release of Destroy All Humans! 2. Or Re-probed, as THQ Nordic put it. Dropping you into 1969 as a clone of Cryptosporidium-137 aptly named Cryptosporidium-138. Some how Cryptosporidium-138, or Crypto as we will refer to him has become the first of his Furon race to have genitalia. As you can guess a game based in 1969 about an alien with a ‘package’ leads to all sorts of inappropriate shenanigans. So be warned if you are easily offended or can’t see what is humour for entertainment, then please, jog on!

Is That A Ray Gun In Your Pocket?

Setting the scene for Destroy All Humans! 2 – Re-probed is, of course, the Soviet Union. Maybe feeling threatened by Cryptos newly acquired ‘package’, who knows? Anyway the KGB destroy Cryptos Mothership killing his Commander, Orthopox 13. Thankfully Orthopox 13 manages to get his consciousness on to a HoloPox Unit to direct Crypto on his mission of revenge. This revenge takes place in several different places around the globe. Each with a distinct look and different humans to, umm, destroy. During your travels you will meet many humans, some apparently out to help, others not so much.

I Just Can’t Get You Outta My Head.

Along with the nice selection of alien weapons, including the, ahem, Anal Probe, you can also use various mind control and telekinetic powers. For example, some people will only talk to certain others, or by body snatching a Police Officer you can call off the search for you when it gets a bit hairy. By talking to Orthopox, or one of the other quest givers you activate the given mission. This will take place in the open area you are in but have specific goals. Achieve these goals to progress the game and get upgrade points too. Outside these missions you can explore the area and find collectables. Many things from artwork and music tracks, to more upgrade points can be found. And of course you can just destroy all humans and cause general mayhem too.

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? Nope, It’s Crypto.

What would a little green man be with out a flying saucer. Well thankfully Crypto has his. Acting as a base for your upgrades and a method to traverse the map a bit faster, the saucer also carries an array of devastating weaponry. This allows for mass abduction and mass destruction, two of Cryptos favourite things. One annoying thing here is the inability to invert saucer control, even though I have the y-axis inverted in the settings (It is inverted for control of Crypto). Not a massive deal but it is frustrating when flying the saucer. Thankfully the saucer is hugely overpowered and missions needing its use are fairly infrequent.

Closing Comments.

I remember playing Destroy All Humans! 2 back in 2007 but don’t remember it having any lasting impression on me. I am not sure why. This is a blast! The visual update looks great, the humour is really non-PC, and most importantly for me, the missions structure make it a real play at you own pace game. I am expecting some real backlash for this one. The jokes manage to hit all the soft spots. Drug taking, sexual exploitation, race, and sexual preference are all fair game here. With plenty of jokes and innuendo, I love it. There are also plenty of pop culture references too. It is what so many of us need to unwind and relax in such a brutal modern world.

Yippee-ki-yay Mother Russia! – Cryptosporidium-138