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House of Golf (Nintendo Switch)


House of Golf is exactly what it says on the cartridge: mini-golf course set within the confines of a house. From the main menu you choose to either play the championship or a single hole. There are also options on ball selection and how to play and, there is also a multiplayer mode

What’s House of Golf like:

Selecting a single hole gives you a list of the locations: Garage, bedroom, lounge, kitchen and attic. If you play championship mode, you play nine holes in each course. Courses are laid out across the selected location, with a variety of obstacles in the way. Controls are simple: Use the on-screen arrow to determine the direction of the ball. Then use the A button to select the amount of power you want to put into the shot. So far so mini-golf. Just like real golf, you have a shot limit for each hole.  The game has a real indie feel to it, with brightly coloured visuals and  courses that are dotted with household items

What I liked about House of Golf: 

There are a good variety of courses with a variety of challenge levels. Of course just like real mini-golf, you’ll get frustrated in no time when the ball doesn’t quite go to where you wanted it to. I also got a few hole-in-ones on the some of the courses, so that was better than in my real-life golf. The controls are also really simple so you’re not going to have to remember multiple button combos: You just point and hit, basically.

What I didn’t like:

I lost interest pretty quick as once you’ve played through all the holes there isn’t really much reason to come back. The in-game camera was also frustrating at times. With objects often obscuring the line of sight with the ball (despite the object going slightly transparent). The lining up of shots can be quite finnickity at times thanks to the sensitivity of the aiming system.


On paper, the Nintendo Switch is perfect for a mini-golf game and House of Golf is a good time-waster when you’ve got a few moments to spare. However, there isn’t enough here to capture your attention for too long. Especially with some of the other great games out for the Switch at the moment.

House of Gold, mini-golf in a House