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Fort Triumph, Byte Size Review

Here at the Cottage we are big fans of XCOM. So the prospect of a new bite sized turn-based tactical game of that ilk on my Xbox Series S was certainly appealing. Fort Triumph doesn’t manage to hit the quality or depth that our beloved XCOM does, but there is fun to be had for the tactically minded gamer.

Fort Triumph is a mix of Might and Magic over-world adventuring and the afore mentioned XCOMs combat. The whimsical fantasy story plays on the bleak employment prospects for most heroes and how monster slaying is the only viable vocation in the current financial climate. Your squad of heroes are from four standard high-fantasy fare classes. Knight, Archer, Mage and Hunter archetypes, all sporting the well-trodden skills associated with such classic classes.

Fort Triumph Characters

Fort Triumph with a twist

So, no great surprises thus far Adventurers. However Fort Triumph brings environmental physics skills to the table, which is an excellent addition to the beloved XCOM combat model. These physics skills are based on using objects in the environment to damage and stun enemies. A Druid’s tornado can fling a goblin into a tree or an Knight kicking over a stone pillar can squish a nasty spider. These abilities added an interesting balance to combat, as they offer significant enemy damage, but permanently change the battlefield. Or destroyed potential cover that would be essential later on. A fun cost/benefit analysis to add into the tactical equation.

Fort Triumph Map

Exploring the over-world has a real ‘mobile’ Might and Magic look to it. With free choice as to what areas of the maps to explore and what battles to wade into. Spoils of battle can be taken back to the town. Where it’s used to buy upgrades to facilities and skills to make squads damage and survivability better. As with XCOM your experienced heroes are worth protecting in battle, as once dead they are lost forever!

Fort Triumph

Is this Fort worth KEEPing?

I see the appeal of Fort Triumph and I really like the addition of environmental physics enhanced combat (which seems to be a feature in the upcoming Marvel: Black Suns too!), but it feels very much like a ‘lesser version’ of better games that have come before. Mechanics aside, it has to be also said the graphics are very low quality too. At first glance, I swore Fort Triumph was a mobile game ported to PS5, but no. It just looks that low rez!


Fort Triumph is a fun diversion for someone desperate for some turn-based tactical action. However, if you have that required $29 NZD burning a hole in your wallet. I would say track down a copy of Mutant Year Zero or just replay XCOM 2 instead.