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Olija Review, Nintendo Switch



masticating mouths

await flesh to feast

twisted teeth tease with ease

see Lord Faraday, finder of the Harpoon 


              enchanted weapon leaps aloof 

                                     pierces projecting plants 

                                                        that wriggle with life

a press of a button and push of a stick to ————————————————————————————————>> teleport directly to that purchase the fearsome weapon awakens malicious guardians

shipwrecked on Terraphage

garragle unga barra babbak

(guttural language subtitled)

joona boogaga ibegga baloof

(hostile caverns hold keys to maps)

F          A          R         A       D       A          Y

seeks castaways to save 

trapped in cages

a swipe of a sword to free them

but what of the lost souls?

those shambling seekers of the Harpoon

that follow Faraday


in desperation

throw themselves upon him

festering beneath the weight

shambling animation

weighty and stylised                                                            even in pixels

secondary weapons of gun and arrow and blade

swapped slowly with L

not conducive to quick combat

learned only in hindsight 

harnessed with repetition

revisiting each location for loot

to purchase hats with special abilities

longevity is a question

when Faraday’s quest is drawn tight in a matter of hours

melancholic soundtrack undulates unease


aligns with the crunch




sparse soundscape effective and suited

platformer and fighter balance difficulty

with exploration weightier

punctuated by pugilistic encounters with legendary light-feet 

health augmented by spending treasures back at the village

which again encourages revisiting looted locations

though only for the truly keen





A note from Dylan on his ‘unconventional’ review of Olija.

I just wanted to try and convey how cool this game manages to make the player feel uncomfortable. Like, it’s a horror game but without proper scares, just menacing and uneasy throughout.

Therefore, I decided to have a bit of fun and play with the reader, make it uncomfortable for them to read and – hopefully – make it engaging and something different to the rest of the online echo chamber.