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Saints Row: The Third Remastered (Xbox One X)

Back in the day when Saints Row first hit the market it was pretty much known as nothing more than an ok Grand Theft Auto knock off. And it was. Volition’s response, over the top silliness. And in my opinion this move worked. Each title after the initial release managed to get even stranger and push the limits of decency.

To the point where Saints Row: The Third is definitely not a game for the kids. Following on from the first two games you play the leader of the Third Street Saints but this time in the new location of Steelport. Where your fame has captured some unwanted attention.

You’re Going To need  A Bigger Wardrobe.

Along with updated graphics, which includes tweaked lighting, environments and visual effects, this Remastered version includes ALL available DLC. And trust me when I say that there is a huge swag of extra cosmetics included with the DLC. True to Saints Row style you can dress up as almost anything, with some truly bizarre combinations to be had. I have always found too much in the the way of cosmetics a bit painful. I have a compulsion to own it all but generally end up using a very basic get up. The three mission based DLC, Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space, and The Trouble with Clones, add even more over the top silliness and content to a game that already includes things like a big purple sex toy to use as a melee weapon.

Saints Row The Third Purple Dong

Pimp My Tiger.

As an open world sandbox game you have free access to explore the city of Steelport at your leisure. Missions will come to you via your mobile phone and you can do them if you want. Or you can concentrate on taking out rival gang hubs, earning money and buying up businesses. All these actions will increase your influence in each area and give you more income to spend on guns and clothes. There is also the Auto, side to this Grand Theft Auto knock off. Cars, lots of cars. You can see the sights of Steelport from the comfort of a tiger shaped motorbike, or even a tank! And carjacking the locals and returning the vehicle to your garage will allow you to access it via your mobile phone.


Whored Mode?

In addition to the story based open world you also have access to Whored Mode (say it again think Gears of War). A wave based mode that sees you facing a set number of opposition with a predetermined weapon load out. This is all about a fast time and good score. Whored Mode is a nice distraction but is very shallow. One play through will be all you need to get the giggles and appreciate the humour, but you will be unlikely to go back for more. Although you can play Whored Mode with a mate so that may entice a revisit.

Closing Comments.

For many, riding on the coattails of a classic is something to be frowned upon. But taking a known successful formula and going a bit crazy with it, well you can’t argue with that.  The Saints Row franchise has never hidden its roots, on the contrary, it has dyed them bright purple, and put on a g-string. Original ideas are becoming more and more rare so working with existing ones is far more common and when done right can be a good thing. Saints Row The Third is a solid piece of gaming aimed at the adult market. Even just running around with a giant dildo in hand brings a smile to my face. Whoever had to work on the movement physics for this must have had a ball!

We are in a very serious world at the moment. Take this piece of entertainment for what is meant for, to bring a smile and some escapism from real life.