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Byte Size – The Sojourn Review (Xbox One X)

Sometimes you just want to chill out and relax with a game where you aren’t under constant time pressure or the threat of death. Shifting Tides have you covered with The Sojourn. Just ensure you are ready for a though provoking and brain teasing journey.



a temporary stay.

“her sojourn in Rome”

Similar: stay visit stop stopover residence holiday vacation

Sounds fantastic. And when you start your sojourn in an unknown and mysterious land full of beauty it is hard not to relax and take in surroundings. But The Sojourn is a puzzle game and we all know where that can lead. You can’t help but wonder how temporary this stay will be.

Mysterious Statues in The Soujorn

Broken into individual puzzle areas The Sojourn has you walking to the next once you can access the exit. This is very akin to Portal and at times even some of the puzzles are quite Portal like.

Gameplay consists of you manipulating elements in the world which are only either accessible in light or shadow. Stepping into the ‘flame’ gives you limited time to do what needs to be done, if you know what needs to be done. Thankfully this time limit only reduces as you move. Basically put the statue on the pedestal and use the harp to repair bridges. Easy right?

Go on a journey with The Soujorn

I’m a fan of the visual look that The Sojourn has used and it seems to be a go to style for many Indie titles released these days. Simple, clean, and beautiful. As you work through the four different chapters your surroundings change bringing variety to your sojourn. Audio is minimal, but very atmospheric and adds to the relaxed state you should be in. If it wasn’t for these bloody puzzles!

That’s right, in this beautiful and cathartic land you will be pulling your hair out. Admittedly a couple of puzzles that had me wound up proved to be those ‘oh yeah…’ moments. Once I realised I had overlooked the simple solution. But be prepared for a serious brain work out.

Clean, crisp and vibrant graphics

Closing Comments.

Games like The Sojourn are welcomed and needed in todays high energy, fast-paced world of gaming. Everyone needs to stop and take a breath once and a while. Smell the roses, stare at the clouds. Enjoy the peace.

The Sojourn allows you to do this. Play at your own pace, go and grab a beer (or chai tea latte) without the threat of being kicked from the server. Sit as a family and discuss solutions before deciding you are right and promptly failing.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy.