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Xbox Adaptive Controller Now In New Zealand

Microsoft is proud to announce that the Xbox Adaptive Controller is available for purchase in New Zealand for $139.99. It is a first-of-its-kind device as an affordable, easy-to-set-up and readily available Xbox Wireless Controller designed for gamers with limited mobility.

The idea was first conceived during a Microsoft Hackathon and the Xbox Adaptive Controller has been three years in the making with both engineers, creatives and non-profit organisations working together to create a bespoke piece of technology catering for the disabled community.

To mark the local launch of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Xbox NZ worked with ‘motivational streamer,’ Humphrey Hanley, and Wellington teen gaming enthusiast, Sai Daunibau.

Humphrey has the rare skin-blistering condition epidermyolsis bullosa (EB), which has resulted in the skin on his hands and fingers fusing together like mittens. Sai lost his arm on a family holiday in Fiji in 2013, when he was hit by a bus and dragged 40 metres. Both having never been able to own an Xbox or hold traditional gaming controllers, the introduction of the Xbox Adaptive Controller has now given Humphrey and Sai their first ever Xbox gaming experience.