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2019 Xmas Gift List

This was supposed to be a cool Advent Calendar, but December ran away with itself and formatting became an issue.

So here are the survivors, things we can heartily recommend as Last Minute Gifts for the Gamer in your life.

A Christmas full of Gaming Gifts

3dRudder - RUN THE GAME
An innovative PSVR accessory that bridges the gap between move controllers and in-game locomotion.

We spoke with the CEO of 3dRudder - LINK.

Buy it Here...
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller v2 Front White\
Having taken learnings from their previous effort, Microsoft have brought the Elite Wireless 2 to market.

Having 30 customisation options there is plenty to keep the tinkerer busy.

Now fully chargeable with an onboard battery, this controller is as smart as it is sexy!

The tech may be a couple of years old, but the software is getting better.

After top notch games like Blood and Truth, plus the integration of No Mans Sky, the PSVR is certainly here to stay.

It has to be seen to be believed, so find a deal and slide into Virtual Reality land.
Playstation Plus Membership

Essential for Playstation Gaming and at this time of year often a bargain too!

PS Plus Membership ensures access to the Playstation global gaming community, free monthly games, exclusive discounts, online multiplayer and 10GB of cloud storage.

$79.95 (12 Months)
$33.95 (3 Months)
$11.95 (1 Month), Prices in AUD
Lucid Sound LS 35x

The Lucid Sound LS 35x is Xbox and Windows compatible.

Featuring a one button sync, Gel-Cooled memory foam ear pads, a mic light to indicate when muted and Surround Sound with 3d Audio.

The lightweight frame is comfortable and dual mic options add customisation, while easy access controls make operation a breeze.

Available with an RRP of $249
FigPin Collectibles
FigPin Banner
Pin badges are more popular than ever and Figpin is a brand that shows why.

Built on licencesed characters across pop culture from Manga to Gaming. Figpin delivers collectibility with plenty of cool.

It goes beyond the badge once collectors scan eta serial numbers on the back of each pin. Using an app to build points and monitor their collection, planning for their next purchase.

2” Mini - RRP $9.95
3” Standard Packaging – RRP$14.95
3” Collectors Packaging – RRP$19.95
6” XL – RRP$39.95
Ultimate Game Pass - Xbox

With over 100 titles to choose from, playable on Xbox and more each week for PC Gamepass is the flagship service for Microsoft.

Currently on special with $1 to sign up, Gamepass Ultimate rolls up Xbox Live and Gamepass into one convenient package. Delivering a world of entertainment.
Phillips Hue
Phillips Hue and Bridge
Add some Smart lighting to set the ultimate mood in your gaming room.

The Phillips Hue has matured and having had the chance to integrate them into a home full of devices, it's obvious that lighting has become a game-changer.
C64 - Legend Reborn
Go back to the Eighties when bedroom programmers were Rockstars.

Forget those regrets of selling your old C64 and never picking up a second hand one.

This full size remake comes with a microswitched joystick, 64 pre-loaded games and a fully functional keyboard.

Relive some classics, download and add more and of course show off your BASIC programming skills!

In stores now!
X Rocker Torque Pedestal
XRocker Torque 2.1 Red
A gaming chair that brings Vibration, 2.1 Audio, wireless connectivity along with comfort and style. Set on a pedestal the XRocker is all set for VR and is compatible with all popular consoles.

Start the New Year in style!

Available for $449.95 from Bluemouth.